Welcome to Another New Look of Opelika Daily News

About Page HeaderI’ve been searching for more than a few years of a format that I really liked for the site. The past several months have shown a few variations as I’ve tested the waters on a few.  My current theme has probably propagated to everyone on the web and with the exception of a few back office things seems to have settled in.  There are several special features I’ve not figured out yet, but I’ll work thru it in coming days.
What I’ve wanted! A place for my post, a special spotlight on some (coming) and the ability to show the live Twitter feeds of several local (real) news sources. The include the OA News, AlabamaLive.Com (al.com), the Montgomery Advertiser, the Columbus Ledger Enquirer, some Auburn Stuff and a few of my personal Twitter feeds.

I hope you like it! And I always have to thank the folks at CharterBank for their support for this project thru the past several yerars.  We don’t make any money here, but due to their efforts, we don’t loose a lot either. Got some thoughts, a Twitter feed we should follow or any other comments, then comment on this and “Join the Conversation”!

A New Look to ODN

If you’re one that has visited the Opelika Daily News site the past few days, you may be dizzy from all the changes or different looks.  Well, it should be settled down a bit, with a rotating header (Go ahead, refresh the screen and you’ll see a different picture every minute or so) an added column for Twitter Feeds, that get a regular update and more content.  I’ve even made the font a little bigger to Redman can read it without the readers! You can email your comments to jerry@opelikadailynews.com if you’d like!

Opelika Daily News Gets New Logo

So, you’ll notice at the top of the page, we’ve got a new Logo for the site.  That picture of me with hair needing cutting is gone and we’ve come up something that can be used for future marketing efforts of the site. When I say I, I of course mean  Brett over at Darnology, who is the design behind the entire website.  I hope to offer the design on T-Shirts and coffee cups in coming months. This is our next step since moving the site to www.opelikadailynews.com a few months ago. Formally, Welcome to the Opelika Daily News!