Header Picture March 1st

Well that’s Arlo & Janis Creator and Sailboat Captain Jimmy Johnson in the header picture today.  It’s in the post for those not visiting on the first.  For several years we’ve had a little wager about weight loss that I’ve lost more than a few times.  This year, Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner (Well, Grilled Chicken if you don’t mind).  Jim and I along with a few friends gathered for the payoff at Ma Fia’s on Tuesday (aka Payoff Day). It was fun getting the money for the first time.

Friday Night Friends

The header picture posted on 2/25 is a great example of why I love Opelika as much as I do.  Brett and Audra returned to town for the weekend, and friends gathered at Ma Fia’s to share stories and maybe a glass of wine.  Brett was an academic advisor at Auburn and moved for a job at Texas Tech a year or so ago. Audra is a flight attendant for Continental, or the new United Airlines.   You might remember I wrote about her in the OA News.