February 6th “I Like This Day!”

Those born on February 6th but have passed include Bob Marley, Babe Ruth and Ronald Reagan.  Other names you may be familiar with and are still kicking around includeTom Brokaw, Mike Farrell and Fabian, all of whom are older than Jerry Katz who celebrates his birthday today as well. Oh yea, Tom Penton in Opelika also celebrates his birthday today! The Winter Olympics begin today and Jay Leno does his final Tonight Show this evening.
Here’s a quick update: Add and Welcome Atticus Dixon Gholston born this morning at 1:18 AM to Kate and Revel. I think I told Kate a week or so ago that today would be the day! :)

Now Really, Are You Surprised?

16808235_mIt happens every year around the Holidays! I get to fiddling with the look and feel of the website and it’s happened again. I do it as much to  learn about new widgets and things that run in the background more than just changing the look. There are a few hidden jewels that I’ve not brought to the front yet, so keep checking back as I fine tune things around the Opelika Daily News!
And yes, that is snow falling accross the top of the page. Since we can’t get any of our own around here I thought I’d add some here! Image credit: bloomua / 123RF Stock Photo


Header Picture March 1st

Well that’s Arlo & Janis Creator and Sailboat Captain Jimmy Johnson in the header picture today.  It’s in the post for those not visiting on the first.  For several years we’ve had a little wager about weight loss that I’ve lost more than a few times.  This year, Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner (Well, Grilled Chicken if you don’t mind).  Jim and I along with a few friends gathered for the payoff at Ma Fia’s on Tuesday (aka Payoff Day). It was fun getting the money for the first time.

Truck Leaning – Monday, 36801

Truck LeaningThe weatherman was wrong.  Two days of Thunderstorms never happened in Opelika, AL this past weekend. So I was in the mood for some “Truck Leaning” tonight.  There’s something about living in the South, having a pickup truck and leaning on the bed with a cold beer contemplating life.  There’s certain Serenity tonight.  Even the 8PM East Bound Train traveled thru town slow and easy on the horn.  With that, the first Firefly’s of the year that I’ve seen.  (CAUTION: Have I said Serenity and Firefly in the same post?  You see the SciFi connection, right?)  And unfortunately, some pesky mosquitoes were out too, but I did see the Opelika Schedule for the Mosquito Sprayer has been posted, so they will be gone soon. They sky is clear, and before the final darkness fell, more than a few con trails crossed the crescent moon.  Now, just that big star, probably the Northern Star out. Well, it does look to be on the other side of the tracks.  I think I can get an App to figure this out, but that’s for tomorrow.  Seventy Five degrees with little humidity makes for a nice evening.  Not much traffic on South 8th, although I did see two Mini Coopers, to wave and discover neither was the good Doctor Sleep.  And with the events of the past few weeks, this is very nice.  I’ve moved the trash can to the street.  In the morning, the tinkling of the brown bottles dropping into the truck will probably wake meat 6:30.  At nine, the group meeting in the Baptist Church Youth building headed home.  And as Bo and Mitch barked wildly to scare away the intruders;   Baptist, or Babylonian, makes no difference to them.  I found the set of skeletal remains I’ve put in the backyard also help keep away intruders. Then at 9:16PM ~ Boom… Lights Out in downtown Opelika!  Street and Traffic Lights off for a few minutes, while others in the neighborhood were fine.   It’s amazing how interesting a good “Truck Leaning” can be.  The Fukai’s were out walking the dog, a few more trash cans were pulled to the street, so I guess my night is over.  Maybe I can find something on TV to wrap up a Monday…

Random Thoughts Before the Big Snow!

Here Comes the SnowWe’ve all watched the weather all week with anticipation of the Big Snow of the year. It was March of 2009 when we got that heavy early Saturday Morning Snow.  It was fun and gone by lunch.  Now the forecast has gone from 1 to 2 inches to 3 to 5 inches late this afternoon.  Snow on Friday!  Auburn Schools, Auburn University are closing on Friday, but Opelika City Schools were planning to open and let the kids go at lunch.  Now, that’s when the big weather is scheduled.  We’ll see how that works out.  If I get a note from Becky at Opelika Schools, I’ll share it here first.
I was over at the “Ack Steakhouse” (hey Redman, you’re right, that’s what it says! ) They’ve got a new Tortilla Soup that is the best I’ve had since I tasted the same at the Four Seasons Resort in Dallas.  Congrats to Emily, who is a fan of the soup as well, on word that she and that “Best” guy would have a little one join them on July 4th!  

Aarons Car of the Spring Race at TalledagaSanta was in the restaurant with his  wife again this evening.  They are more regulars than I am.  I have been growing somewhat of a beard the past month.  I got to thinking, if he is doing the party with the little kids, I might be able to do the ones at Auburn University.  Soriety Santa!  What do you think?

And for my friends that like racing and the University of Alabama.  The folks over at Aaron Rental, who also sponsor the Aaron’s 499 at Talledage in the spring, have a special paint job going on the car for the race.  You can pre-order a die cast of the “Double O” car at the store with expected delivery in May.  I’ve got one scheduled. From the Aaron’s website: Every fan will want this limited edition, die-cast replica of the race car David Reutimann will drive at Talladega, in the Aaron’s 499 on April 25, 2010. This salute to the University of Alabama 2009 National Championship will be rolling off the shelves. Get it now.  Click Here to learn more!

And does another Alabama Race hold a surprise for those on the track that get passed by some local favorites in a VW or Audi.  Could be General! More on that later!

Another Dream Realized!

Monica Palumbo, Jerry Katz, Anne-Marie Rhodes

Feels like the Winner’s Circle to me!  Miss Sprint Cup (there are two of them) Monica Palumbo (left) and Anne-Marie Rhodes answer their life long goals of getting a picture with Jerry Katz at this past week’s races at Talladega Super Speedway.  Oh wait, maybe it was me wanting that picture. It was nice to chat with them a moment in the Sprint Experience outside the track. I may have to switch back to Sprint.  And a bonus picture below.  The cars warming up before the start of the Aarons 499 at Talladega Super Speedway in April 2009.

Back Straight Away at Talladega warm up laps at Aaron's 499