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Looking Back at Memorial Day Weekend in Opelika

Cottonseed_052314Typically, post on this blog should be advance of events to let you know they are coming, but unfortunately, I miss some along the way.  But better than a weather forecast before the weekend, I can tell you exactly what happened in the weather from the weekend now.  That being said, I had some thoughts about several events from the past few days worthy of comment.

First, the Rail City Criterion, an event for bike enthusiast that circled thru a small part of downtown on Saturday afternoon.  Anytime you go blocking off streets to traffic and parking, someone is probably going to complain. However, this past weekend was the perfect time for the event. I’m not sure another weekend all year would work as good. It was Memorial Day weekend and as the restaurants downtown can probably tell you, there were a lot of downtown regulars that were at the Lake or the Beach!  The event brought some new faces to Opelika, that will probably come back to enjoy what downtown has to offer in coming weeks and months. The after party for the race took place in the warehouses by the depot, recently purchased by Richard Patton and Friends.  I had never been inside, so checked out the venue that will be perfect for inside concerts long into the future.  Nice acquisition for the group and I look forward to future developments there.  First on their agenda is finding a suitable name for the venue.

Monday’s Memorial Day service at the City Hall location of the Veteran’s Memorial was well attended. Retired General Ron Burgess brought up an interesting fact about the flag on this day that honors those lost in service of their country. We all knew (me and most of my friends) that the flag flew at Half Mast for the day, but tradition calls for it to fly from the top of the flagpole beginning at noon. A fact that was missed by most others that flew Old Glory on Monday!  And General Burgess, Thanks for your service!

And about that flag fact. Did you know about that? Do I just live in a vacuum? Think more will bo on board with this next year? Leave a comment below folks!

Opelika’s Fiber to the House “I Like It!”

December 21, 2013 Business, Opelika News No Comments

OpelikaPowerLogoI’ve been making lots of changes in my life the past few months. There’s the weight loss plan, which is more of a life style change than some plan to just lose weight, but more on that in another post. Three weeks ago, I Cut the Cable!  After review of my home television habits and phone usage, I dropped both of them and opted to just have high speed internet.  After all, I spend all day on the computer for work and it is essential.

Now I’m not one of those “Charter Communications Haters”, but I did make the move to the City of Opelika’s Fiber Network. Opelika Power Services offers all three, phone, internet and cable in a bundle with competitive pricing, but again for now, I just need the internet. For me the move was largely based on technology.  The Geek in me always wants to be on the leading edge and the City entrance to this landscape makes sense.  Opelika joins some pretty big named cities with fiber. The project should make Opelika a better choice for some business based on this fast communications portal.  I chose the “Lite Choice” plan with download/upload speeds of 30/15 MB. Not a part of the bundle, the price of about $45 a month is fair. Now, although I dropped cable TV, I didn’t trash my Big Screen. Using a Chromecast on my new fiber network, I can stream Netflix or movies from my computer. I’ve been consuming more content that way, as are a lot of folks.  I’ll probably write about the Chromecast over the holidays, as it has some pros and cons about it, but for now its fine for me.

TheBoxI waited to write this for my first bill to arrive, which did today. It’s plain and simple to understand and did not include any installation charges for the work done to get me up and running. And about that, it was pretty pleasant too. On Iron Bowl Saturday, someone from OPS stopped by to run the fiber from the pole across street to the house and setup the “Box”. On the following Monday, the installer came to setup the internet which included a battery backup system.  Both individuals were profession in both look and work completed.  After the installation, I launched my gadgets and found instant connection with our company network in Canada. In the past, I’ve always had issues when changing an ISP provider. But not this time.

In coming weeks the city will announce business pricing. I suspect it will be comparable to similar systems, but again, if you want the latest in technology, you should consider the city system.  I should probably mention that according to some that have the television offering, the picture quality is the best they have ever seen!

Jefferson’s On The Radio

November 24, 2013 Business No Comments


A couple of the Jefferson’s locations got together on this commercial for fans heading to watch the game here or at home.

Downtown Opelika Holiday Open House

November 8, 2013 Business, Events No Comments

I personally never got the whole “Shopping Early” thing, but apparently there are a lot of you that do, so Opelika Main Street presents the Holiday Open House downtown this Sunday from Noon until 5PM. Have Fun! ~ Jerry Katz


Ah Finally – A Downtown Distilling Company

October 7, 2013 Business No Comments

JohnEmeraldWell, this isn’t really new if you follow city council or keep up with downtown happenings, but I’ve not posted here so I thought I’d wander their Facebook page and grab some facts for you. The John Emerald Distilling Company will be in operation in early 2014 with a location in the old Penn Montgomery Cotton Warehouses.  From the pictures, it looks to be where Richard Patton has hosted several music shows in past month.  I’ve not had a chance to chat with the owner, but look forward to getting more of the story.

Here is the proposed label for their single malt and a brief description of the spirit.  John’s Alabama Single Malt Whiskey is named after the company’s name sake. The signature spirit will be a flavorful smoked single malt whiskey in a new Southern style. The barley will be smoked with there own blend of southern pecan and peach wood giving the whiskey an excellent mouth feel with refined and well-rounded smoke notes. John’s Alabama Single Malt will be matured first in new charred white oak barrels then finished with Alabama Norton wine staves to add a slight fruit finish to the spirit. A sip will reveal a slight upfront sweetness developing into vanilla notes from the oak barrel followed by a fruity finish from the wine staves while a backdrop of Alabama smoke favor binds all the favor notes together to make a true southern spirit experience.

“We think the spirit of John Emerald will reside in each and every bottle of John Emerald Single Malt. A spirit like John Emerald that’s smart, adventurous, playful and brings out the best in life.” ~ John Emerald Distilling Company, Opelika, AL

Pardon Our Pub Progress

September 22, 2013 Business No Comments

PubFrontA little work over at the Irish Bred Pub this week, as the front entrance will move back to it’s original location, and the latest edition (the old Red Door June Coffee Shop) will get a facelift and become the meeting or special party room.  Currently the special parties go upstrairs, which should be a welcome change to some. Also doing some back of the house work to fix a few things, that probably could have been better when the place was being constructed a few years ago. (I’m just saying) Old friend Steve Nutter, who took the Pub over a year or so ago is back in the resturant daily after some management changes. Joe, that crazy guy behind the original opening was in town meeting with Steve discussing some of the upcoming changes.  It looks like these will all be for the good. Work should continue all week and be finished before the next Auburn Home Game!

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