Time for a Visit to Capps Sausage

5332156752_3f4923dc01_bOver the past few years,I’ve talked about CApps Sausage more than a few times. As a matter of fact, I’ve pulled several post from several years ago to bring it forward below. The reason is that this weekend is the final weekend before summer you can grab some Capps Sausage before they close until reopening in the Fall. Open This Friday, Saturday & Sunday! Remember this?

I was just in the kitchen cooking up some Capps Sausage I got a few weeks ago out in Beauregard. Then I thought I’d find the post I made about my first trip out there, so I could repost it. Funny, but that post was made exactly 2 years ago today (Jan 6, 2011)! Some info in not valid, since I don’t write that column any longer in the paper, but it’s worth a re-read!

You are all so kind to me.  I hear more comments about the one column I do each month in the Opelika-Auburn News than I do about anything I do here at the Opelika Daily News, named after Opelika’s Newspaper of the sixties.  The most recent installment was the trip out to Billy Capp’s place, where he prepares lots of sausage and bacon each year.

Since that trip, I’ve shared some of the sausage with Pam and Robert at Flip Flop Foto and Susan, the cute lady behind the bar at Sid’s.  As a matter of fact, I took the bacon I bought and some of the patty sausage to Sid’s this past weekend, where it was cooked up and served with my weekly breakfast. And no, I didn’t get discount on breakfast from bringing my own sausage and bacon.

Now, I’ve had several folks asking for directions, and if you read the article in the OA News, you know I had no clue on returning, but I asked again tonight and here’s what I’ve got. Good Luck!  Click here for some pictures from the trip!

Drive toward Beauregard from Opelika on Highway 51.  Turn left at (the former) Wingman Motorcycle (the Old Dupree Store) on Lee Road 44. That’s going to be after you gone a bit past the High School.  Then go to the deadend of that road and turn right. Not sure of that road number, but it doesn’t matter, because in about half a mile, you turn right onto Lee Road 100.  Here’s where it gets interesting… You’ll go about a mile, then there’s a big curve to the right. The Sausage place is a black little building on the left side of the road. There’s a sign out front on the road.  Like I said, good luck! And enjoy the best sausage in town.

CSX Railroad Crossing Work Continues in Opelika

042214 Railroad 02042214 RailRoad01042214 Railroad 04Work continues on the Railroad crossings in downtown Opelika this week. CSX is making a “Do Over” for 7th, 8th and 9th Street Crossings, promising to keep at least one open during that work. Right now, 8th Street is passable, with new tracks down on 7th Street and 9th Street tracks being put into place today. Work will probably continue through the week!  Pictured a section of new track going in at 9th Street (on left) and the old being replaced! The third picture is 8th Street, which is open today!

Contrary to Popular Belief…

I have not been taken hostage and wisked away to some small Carribean Island by some older woman seeking to torment me for whatever time I have left here on earth. I continue to be hopefull that I will eventually be rescued from this orb by my former alien frends to return to my orginal home world!

Now, with all that being said the facts are these. My real job, the one that pays the bills has consumed my life more than usual the past few weeks and I had to move some distractions to the back burner. Planning for the National Association of Broadcasters Show in Las Vegas kept me pretty busy, then attending to work the show and the healing process this week after has been interesting. I say healing, because despite the fact I was in Las Vegas, working a show convention floor in a 1,200 square foot booth (that’s the size of my house) just wears an old man out! Throw in a trip I had planned to make to San Diego for a Social Media conference just two weeks prior to that and the distraction factor increases by 10 fold. As it turned out, I missed that, but will attend the missed sessions via Virtual Access in coming weeks.

And this post wouldn’t be complete without blaming some of this on the weather. Okay, enough with the cold already!  This weekend looks to be pretty busy with the Kids Easter Egg Hunt downtown, A-Day in Auburn and the 280 Boogie in Waverly and all this Saturday! I also plan a few articls to post about the upcoming primary election as I return to dabble in politics again. So, I guess I’m back!

The First Tweet

On this Day: In 2006, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey sends the world’s first tweet.(Just sitting up with my twttr)

St. Patrick’s Weekend in Opelika, Alabama “Yea, I Did That!”

St Patricks OpelikaOkay, so this is probably not the hotbed of St. Patrick’s Day activities like Savannah, Chicago or New York. I think those are the top three cities for celebrations in the States! Having lived in Savannah for more than a few years, I always wish I could have been there for the celebration this year. Heck in my day, I would be climbing onto tanks from Fort Stewart in the parade to interview the drivers for WJCL televisions coverage of the parade. However, Opelika, not a place that celebrated the holiday five yeras ago, has been thrust into the event with the addition of an Irish Pub downtown. I’ve been there for the first few and it’s where folks gather, add an “O” to their last name and drink a pint or two before the night is done. But, with the addition of the Pub, other downtown restuarants have added some Irish Beer to the taps, some special deals to grab the crowd that will definately make the trip to town to celebrate the Green! I suspect that there will be more than a few of us that wander South Railroad Avenue this weekend with friends to tell stories of this years event! My advice, grab something green to wear, gather with friends and spend part of this holiday in Downtown Opelika! You’ll be glad you did!

Fredrick Road Update

In this mornings email from the City of Opelika, an update on what many feel is the longest running road project of all time! However, this week will show some real progress! The Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) has let the City of Opelika know that contractors will begin placing asphalt pavement on the new lanes (in the current construction area) beginning Tuesday, March 11th –weather permitting.  This process will continue for at least one week. Travel on Frederick Road will not be stopped or detoured during this paving process; however motorists may experience short delays as trucks carrying asphalt to the paver enter and exit the area. Motorists will be temporarily inconvenienced as the paving train moves past the intersections.  Drivers should be aware of flaggers and possible travel delays as they access Frederick Road from the side streets.  Roads crossing the paving will be Cunningham Drive, Old Opelika Road and Bradford Drive. Once the paving and striping is complete, traffic will be shifted to the newly paved roadway with traffic control devices and markers.  Updates on this phase of work will come as it is scheduled.

Ramblings of Jerry Katz

As I write this post, I really don’t know where it’s going. I’m wrapping up a pretty relaxing weekend, that found Opelika with some really great weather. I got out and walked most everywhere this weekend and topped 10,000 steps on Saturday, a high for me in the 200 Plus days I’ve tracked that sort of thing. Looks like those Mothership reports for work I usually do on Sunday will wait for early Monday morning. Spring Break for Auburn is upon us, the youth group at the Baptist Church by the house took off for their annual spring break mission trip. I don’t know details, but I suspect that the Florida or Alabama coast is involved. While walking on Sunday, I checked on the progress of the new distillery being built out on North Railroad Avenue. It’s a pretty amazing process and I look forward to tasting the product in coming months. In NASCAR, I really thought that Dale Jr would win the race, but a friend (uh, former friend) changed the Karma at the bar and left with 30 laps reamining, so Dale lost it in the final lap. I really believe in this Karma thing. I learned of the plans of Richard Patton and his Cottenseed Studio partners in their purchase of the old railroad warehouses downtown near the Depot. I understand that they have some offices to rent at a very reasonable price in that building that includes all services. Of the ten they have, only five remain. I am tempted, as working from home, although glamous, can get older than you might think! I suspect they don’t have a Tow Truck in their plans, but that’s just me talking! (Yeas sorry that was an inside joke for you out of towners) The weekend music included Eighth and Rail and one very talented lady named Steffi Ledbetter and her band. This young lady, that isn’t old enough to drink in a bar has one increadable voice and if you’re over 50, you’ll probably know every sone she sings. She’s not country or rock folks, she’s doing a lot of the old standards! If you know me and are close to my youthful age, you must plan to be there next time she sings! I actually grabbed a couple of “Truck Stop Honey’s” at The Overall Company on Saturday Night as well.  That sounds pretty exciting, but you should know that I’m talking about beer, not girls!  Also caught the music of a young group from PA in town for the night! Having traveled in December to Toronto, I’ve been pretty close to home the past few months, but that changes with San Diego and Las Vegas, both within the next five weeks. I can’t believe an old Navy (uh, former Navy) guy like me hasn’t been to San Diego, but I look forward to the convention networking party on the USS Midway that first night in town. Need to wrap this post up, as two hours of “The Dead” are coming up on TV. Finally, I can experience some normal stuff after this crazy weekend! (Did I say that) One final thought! St. Patricks Weekend in Opelika? Good place to be this coming weekend? Uh, Yea!

Calendar Say’s “First Friday”

I always like this day each month as downtown Opelika has a little bit more hussle and bussle with shops open late along with the normal selection of bars and restaurants! Been lately? If not, you should plan a visit today!

US Air Force Concert Band & Singing Sergeants Soloists to Perform at Opelika Center for Performing Arts

US Air Force Concert Band

This should be a great show for the entire family. I’ve grabbed some information from the official Air Force website about the group. MISSION: The U.S. Air Force Band honors those who have served, inspires American citizens to heightened patriotism and service, and positively impacts the global community on behalf of the U.S. Air Force and the United States of America.

World-Class Air Force Communicators
Using the power of music to:
Inspire our audiences worldwide
Create innovative products and programs
Represent Air Force excellence

Through world-class musical presentations and ceremonies, The U.S. Air Force Band helps create bonds between the United States and the worldwide community. Using music to bridge language, cultural, societal and socio-economic differences, the Band’s performances advance international relationships and inspire positive and long-lasting impressions of the U.S. Air Force and the United States of America.
The excellence demonstrated by our Airmen musicians is a reflection of the excellence carried out 24 hours a day by Airmen stationed around the globe. These professionals are proud to represent all Airmen, whose selfless service and sacrifices ensure the freedoms we enjoy as American citizens. Here all the show details:


Opelika Performing Arts Center at 1700 Lafayette Pkwy in Opelika on March 5th at 7:30 PM - We have three locations to pick up tickets. Victory Designs, 817 S Railroad Ave, Opelika, AL 36801- (334) 742-9300

Opelika High School Band Office, 1700 Lafayette PW, Opelika, AL 36801 - (334) 745-9717

MAIN TICKET LOCATION: Auburn University Dept. of Music, Department of Music, 101 Goodwin Music Building, Auburn University, AL 36849-5420 - (334) 844-4165