NY Times Lists The Walking Dead Among Year’s Best Shows; Scott Gimple Talks Rick With THR

This week, The Walking Dead is one of The New York Times‘ best shows, while Scott Gimple talks about Rick with The Hollywood Reporter. Plus, MTV names Daryl the year’s best TV character. Read on for more:
• The New York Times considers The Walking Dead one of the year’s best shows, noting, “Five seasons in, Robert Kirkman and the other writers and producers of AMC’s huge hit zombie thriller somehow keep us caring about their motley band of survivors.”
• Is Rick too far gone? The Hollywood Reporter gets some answers from Scott Gimple, such as his revelation that Rick “simply isn’t going to take any chances anymore.”
• MTV considers Daryl Dixon the year’s number one best TV character, noting that he “isn’t just the show’s resident badass warrior with a crossbow, he’s also the beating heart of the group.” Carol, noted for her “progression from zombie-bait B-character to certified badass-slash-acting powerhouse,” and Gareth – “a great villain” – also make the list.

• CarterMatt nominates “Bob becomes Bob-B-Q” as one of the year’s most surprising moments since Bob’s demise was “still somewhat shocking thanks mostly to the way that he was killed off more so than anything else.”
• Similarly, one of TVLine‘s biggest TV moments this year was Bob waking up “to find Terminus’ Gareth feasting on his (tainted) leg meat!”
• E! Online spotlights a cast and crew teaser video for the second half of Season 5, where Scott Gimple shares, “There are some very emotional moments, there are some very crazy moments and there’s a huge change for the situation of these characters.”
• Looking ahead, Blogcritics writes, “It’s going to be a bumpy ride no doubt, but if you’re like I am you will want to be there for every dip, sharp turn, and bottom-out along the way.”
• People reports that The Walking Dead was the most-watched prime-time cable drama in 2014, according to Nielsen

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Co-Working – What Is It?

The last several weeks I’ve posted a few things about my planned move to a new working environment. The New Business Incubator in Downtown Opelika, The Round House, offers a place for talented people to work in the same space and share knowledge to learn from each other. I hope to gain some new insights in to various topics  and maybe share some things in Social Media I’ve picked up the past few years.  I’m sure I’ll have more to write in cmoing week on this Social Experiment of mine, but I found this short little video that explains why people make a move like the one I make this month.